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There are many qualities that we look for in our walkers.
They need to be trustworthy, professional and polite.The most important thing to us, is that they must genuinely love the company of dogs. They have to see dogs as part of the family. 
We only take carers who easily bond with animals and their owners. The type of people that animals love and can trust.
All dogs must be non aggressive 
  • We walk small medium and large sized dogs in small groups throughout Essex. 
  • We feel that it’s about quality dog walks, offering each dog the individual attention and care that it needs.
  • We are flexible, reliable, professional and friendly
  • We offer tailored walks from 30 minutes up to 2 hours
  • Monday - Saturday Sundays are at walkers discretion
Initially all dogs are walked on a lead or training line. We must insist on them being walked on a training line until we are confident that their recall is satisfactory. If you then wish for your dog to enjoy off lead exercise then written permission will be be required.
We walk between 2 and 4 dogs together in a carefully selected group. We feel that dogs have more fun walking and playing together than they do on their own.
Individual walks can be arranged. All over Essex including leigh On Sea, Hadleigh, Benfleet, Southend on sea, Rayleigh, Eastwood, Hockley and Brentwood.
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Hockley Woods
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Pound Wood Thunderlsey
Puppy time
Simply fill out the form below, and Essex Dog Services will contact you as soon as possible to arrange a mutually agreeable time to come and share a cup of tea and meet your beloved dog(s) Dont forget that here at Essex Dog Services we offer Dog sitting and Dog boarding too.
Dog walking, Dog boardingand  Dog sitting
Dog Walking
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Upon booking, Essex Dog Services will ask you to provide a detailed information. You will be expected to give a full and frank disclosure of any matter, fact, or characteristic concerning your dog(s) which might impact on the care of your dog(s) including, but not limited to, behavioural or health matters, anti-social behaviour, excessive pulling on the lead, propensity to run away on walks or from the home/garden, phobias or fears, etc.
Dog sitting and Dog boarding and general Pet Sitting
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